Which Ship is Right for Your Career?

So you want to work in shipping? Great! But what ship type do you want to work on? From Tankers to Tugs, the options are aplenty. Each offers a unique experience, so take hold of the wheel and choose your own adventure!

Cargo Ships

Role: Transporting packaged items
Cargo: Food, petroleum, furniture, metals, clothes, machinery
Capacity: 5-25,000 DWT (Deadweight Tonnes)
Key Advantage: Highly adaptable to carry containers, break bulk or bagged cargo if required
Jobs: Officer, Engineer
Fun Fact: There are currently around 55,000 merchant ships carrying cargo around the world

Bulk Carriers

Role: Transporting raw materials in bulk
Cargo: Coal, iron ore, cement, grains
Capacity: 32-400,000 DWT (Deadweight Tonnes)
Key Advantage: Specially designed to carry loose cargo
Jobs: Chief Engineer
Fun Fact: The M/V Jumbo Kinetic is equipped with 2 cranes that can lift 1500 MT – over 1300 MT more than a typical bulk carrier

Container Ships

Role: Transporting non-bulk cargo in containers
Cargo: Manufactured goods and products
Capacity: 500-22,000 TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units)
Key Advantage: Reduces loading and unloading time through containerisation
Jobs: Captain, Engineer
Fun Fact: Container ship engines have 1000 times more power than a car yet only travel at 40kmh

Ro-Ros (Roll On-Roll Off)

Role: Transporting wheeled freight
Cargo: Cars, trucks, semi-trailers
Capacity: 150-500 Tonnes
Key Advantage: Equipped with special ramps to reduce loading and unloading time
Jobs: Engineer, Officer
Fun Fact: Able to carry nearly 140,000 cubic metres, the MV Tønsberg is the largest ro-ro vessel in the world


Role: Transporting large quantities of liquid and gases
Cargo: Oil, water, alcohol, chemicals
Capacity: 7-550,000 DWT (Deadweight Tonnes)
Key Advantage: Able to safely transport liquefied cargo
Jobs: Master, Officer, Engineer
Fun Fact: Built in 1979, the “Mont” was not only a tanker but the longest ship ever built


Role: Move/tow immobile vessels
Cargo: Ships, oil platforms, barges
Bollard Capacity: 39 Tonnes
Key Advantage: Able to manoeuvre in restricted areas
Jobs: Captain, Mate, Engineer
Fun Fact: Tugs have become a part of pop culture, featuring in many children’s stories such as “Tugboat Annie”


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