“Going through with the TNTA programme has been an absolute honour.”


Zuben Benson graduated from cohort 7 of the TNTA programme and he is now a 3rd Officer with BW Fleet Management Pte Ltd.


Reason for joining the maritime industry:

Zuben’s decision to take up seafaring has long been inspired by his father. When he was young, he would spend time with his father at sea, making it feel like his second home. Watching his father work and the bonds he created on each ship showed Zuben that the maritime industry is an amazing place to be working in.


Influence of TNTA on his life:

Being part of the TNTA programme has moulded Zuben to become a better person in handling so much more responsibilities in life. It had also given him the opportunity to travel and experience the world onboard a ship. He is happy that TNTA has helped to chart his future.



Zuben aspires to become a Captain and he believes hard work, determination and persistence will get him there faster.


Memorable times on board the ship:

Zuben remembered he and his crew named one of their crew member’s daughter after the ship they were on.


Challenges faced onboard the ship:

As an officer of the watch, Zuben shares the responsibility for the continued safety of the ship, colleagues, cargoes and the environment. Changes are constantly expected as he works alongside a multinational crew, at different time zones and climatic conditions.


Learning Points:

A career at sea is promising and rewarding as there are many opportunities to meet and work with amazing people while travelling to new countries. The important thing is to enjoy oneself, and take up the opportunities whenever they arise.


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