TNTA is a priceless experience and I would not exchange this for anything else.


Teo Lip Kio Darren is from cohort 8 of the TNTA programme and is currently sailing with Seaspan Ship Management Ltd (SSML).


Reason for joining the maritime industry:

Holding a Diploma in Business Admin, Darren was doing sales and business development for a credit euro company when he was inspired by some of his friends to join the TNTA programme.


Influence of TNTA on his life:

Joining TNTA has given Darren the opportunity to work with people of different nationalities and expand his social network. It has been a priceless experience for him and he will not exchange this for anything else.


Aspiration for the seafaring career:

Darren aspires to be a Ship Captain one day.


Memorable times on board:

Darren recalled the fun and enjoyable times onboard the ship on weekends as the Captain will organise basketball and Zumba sessions for all of them.


Challenges faced on-board the ship:

Shipmates working onboard the vessel come from all walks of life and it is always a new experience for him when it comes to getting to know them. In times of challenges faced at work, Darren shares that it is important to have an optimistic outlook, patience and professionalism to overcome the problems.


Misconceptions of sailing:

People often have the misconception that seafarers get homesick, receive unfair treatment and do not get to enjoy nice food onboard vessel. However, Darren clarifies that this is not true as the maritime industry has improved by leaps and bounds over the years. Seafarers are definitely well taken care of by their company now.


Learning Points:

As a Deck Cadet training to be an officer, Darren had to adapt to a lot of on-the-job training. He has learnt the importance of being accountable for his actions and taking responsibilities for the tasks entrusted to him.

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