“TETA has allowed me to boldly pursue a career in marine engineering, which would have been difficult for me to have a career switch.”


Siti Ainul Nellisa graduated from cohort 3 of the TETA programme and she is now an engineering cadet with Pacific International Lines (PIL).


Reason for joining the maritime industry:

Since young, Nellisa had contemplated between a career in marine engineering and business. She eventually chose business, something she came to regret as the years went by. Upon discovering the TETA programme, she left her business career to carve a new path in the marine industry.


Influence of TNTA on her life:

After successfully completing TETA’s rigorous curriculum, Nelissa is hopeful as she has developed the skills and attitude to weather any storm life may bring. Grateful for the words of encouragement and wisdom from her teachers at Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI), she is inspired not only to strive for excellence in studies and work, but also in whatever she wishes to pursue in life. After two years of maritime training experience, Nelissa is more confident sharing her opinions and has come to fully appreciate the importance of teamwork in ensuring a smooth sailing journey ahead.



On an individual level, Nellisa aspires to be a Chief Engineer. Following that, she hopes to be a Superintendent and share her knowledge with her juniors. On a maritime community level, she hopes to share her experience and inspire more to join the industry.


Memorable times on board the ship:

Nellisa recalled the most beautiful experience when she did the first machinery maintenance onboard her first ship. Having only learnt the theory aspect of marine engineering, she found the entire actual process breathtaking. She is further encouraged to learn more about the machineries onboard.


Challenges faced onboard the ship:

Seasickness can be quite bad due to the weather. From the various tips received, she is learning to cope with it.


Misconceptions of sailing:

Contrary to what most people think, women can be as capable as men when it comes to carrying out duties on board a ship. With experience, responsibilities and workload can be shared equally. Life and food on board are also not as horrible as most would think. There is so much more entertainment on board now with the advancement in technology.


Learning Points:

There can be no room for mistakes because life is at stake. On a ship, safety is of utmost importance – so always think twice before taking action.


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