“The TETA programme paved the way for me, at a time when I thought all avenues were closed.”


Johnson graduated from cohort 2 of the TETA programme and he is now a junior engineer working with Pacific International Lines (PIL).


Reason for joining the maritime industry:

Johnson completed his diploma in Marine Engineering at Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA). However, instead of continuing with his sailing attachment, he enrolled into a Marine Engineering degree course at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). After one year, he made a decision to discontinue his studies and tried TETA as an alternative route. Not only did TETA give him a chance to rejoin the maritime industry, the programme also offered him an opportunity to utilise his diploma for a fast track into the industry.


Influence of TNTA on his life:

Although Johnson took many detours before entering the maritime workforce, it was a journey worth taking as he became the first cadet to successfully graduate from the TETA programme.



Johnson is working towards becoming a Chief Engineer


Memorable times on board the ship:

The experience when he had to work in the midst of a thunderstorm on the “monkey island” (the highest point on the vessel above the ship’s bridge) was both terrifying and awe-inspiring.


Learning Points:

Life on board may have countless challenges, but Johnson has learnt that the encouragement from the school as well as the support from the crew onboard have left him with lasting friendships.

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