“I left a tourism company to find better career prospects. That’s when I saw the TNTA’s maritime recruitment advertisement.”



Ivan Wu graduated from cohort 7 of the TNTA programme and he is now a 3rd Officer working with POSH Fleet Services Pte Ltd.


Reason for joining the maritime industry:

Having worked with an inbound tourism company for six years, Ivan was looking for a career change with faster progression and better prospects. He was looking for a job onboard a cruise ship before he found out about TNTA at a job fair.


Influence of TNTA on his life:

Joining TNTA has given him the opportunity to travel and experience the world onboard a ship. He is happy that TNTA has helped to chart his future.



Ivan aspires to be a Ship Captain one day.


Memorable times on board the ship:

Ivan went to Alaska on his second vessel during summer where he saw whales doing backflips and watch the sunset at 11:30pm. He also recalled how his Master had bought live piglets and lamb to enjoy a Christmas BBQ dinner together while onboard the ship in Vietnam.


Challenges faced onboard the ship:

Safety cannot be taken for granted. Every little detail is important as Ivan shared how an accident occurred onboard his ship because the crane had broken off from exceeding the weight limit.


Misconceptions of sailing:

People often think that a seafarer has the privilege to travel around the world but Ivan clarifies that this is actually not the case. From his personal experiences, he is usually stationed in one location or get assigned to the same route.


Learning Points:

As a ship is made up of seafarers of many nationalities, Ivan has learnt to adapt to the various behaviours and cultures of his crew members. He gets the good opportunity to make friends from all over the world.


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