7 Compelling Reasons to Switch to a Maritime Career Today

Did you know that workers are more likely to work for multiple employers than ever ...
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The Unmanned Shipping Industry: Fiction or Future?

The way we move goods is about to be changed forever. The world's first automated ...
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A Sea of Opportunities Through Mentorship Programme

Captain Lee Chee Seong’s seafaring career has taken him to many countries around the world ...
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5 Unexpected Benefits of a Career in Maritime and Shipping

There are many reasons why people go to sea: curiosity, challenge, the call for adventure ...
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8 of the Most Common Seafaring Myths Debunked

Seafaring is rife with myths from piracy to infidelity to illiteracy. But how much of ...
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Sink or Swim: A Captain’s Take On How To Soar At Sea

Captain Cheong Kwee Thiam stumbled into Singapore’s maritime industry by chance. It all started with ...
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A Career in Command: Inspiring Insights From An Industry Pioneer

Mr Lim Tau Kok is living proof that fortune favours the bold. The first Singaporean ...
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Swimming with Sharks: Leadership Lessons from Chief Officer Milli Koh

Chief Officer Milli Koh has certainly earned her stripes at sea. Her wellspring of self-confidence, ...
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5 Leadership and Soft Skills You Learn at Sea

The adventure of a lifetime is not all that a seafaring career promises. A career ...
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