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Being an International Maritime Centre, the Singapore’s maritime industry has been crucial in the development of Singapore’s economy.  Constituting over 5,000 maritime companies, employing more than 170,000 people and contributing 7 percent to Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product, Singapore Registry of Ships (SRS) is also among the top 10 largest registries in the world.  Seafaring is definitely a significant profession today!

To address the acute shortage of seafarers in the growing maritime industry, the TNTA and TETA training programmes serve as a vital gateway to prepare the younger generation of seafarers for the challenging and yet rewarding seafaring career.

Tripartite nautical training award (TNTA)

In 2010, the TNTA was a ground-breaking programme initiated by SMOU, WSG, and NTUC’s e2i to train Singaporeans for the Certificate of Competency (CoC) Class 3 qualifications issued by MPA, thereby allowing the trainees to pursue a nautical career at sea as nautical deck officers.

Today, this programme continues under the funding of SSG, MPA, SMOU and the support of partners from E2i, SSA and various shipping companies.

Tripartite engineering training award (TETA)

The programme was launched in 2016 to address the acute shortage of marine engineers faced by the maritime industry and after gathering feedback from the shipping companies.  This programme enables Singaporeans to be trained as Certificate of Competency (CoC Class 5) Marine Engineers to join the maritime industry.

It is funded by SSG, MPA, SMOU and the support of partners from e2i, SSA and various shipping companies.

The TNTA / TETA Advantages for Ship Owners

The widely accepted Singapore passport with free access to over 180 cities

Multi-cultural/language/ethnic background of Singaporeans

Maturity and commitment of post-National Service cadets in their pursuit of career

Well qualified as Third Officer/Fourth Engineer with Singapore CoC3/CoC5 certification

Comprehensive and well-rounded TNTA / TETA programme prepares cadets for challenges at sea

Highest standard of excellence in their area of work by all Singaporean seafarers

Reliability and professionalism of Singapore’s marine services as a leading International Maritime Centre

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