5 Signs That A Maritime Career Might Just Be For You

Good pay, good progression, different and interesting job? Sign us up right away! While these perks are undeniably attractive, what’s more important is matching your own values and character to a suitable career. Check out some fun facts about seafaring and see if you are a good match!

1. You have a sense of adventure

You love seeing new places and trying new things. A seafaring career brings adventure every day, whether it’s the local food and shopping at various ports around the world, or simply watching a golden sunset on the ocean’s horizon. We are not talking about your usual tourist spots either; you’ll go to places and see things that most people won’t get to. It’s not just new destinations—it’s a new life.

MaritimeONE Scholarship recipient Alsyifa Huthami sums it up nicely: “To me, this career is like going on holiday while working at the same time.”

2. You enjoy meeting, talking to, and working with new people

Meeting with people from all over the world is part and parcel of the job, where you’ll get to work with colleagues from different countries and cultures. Never underestimate the value of those after-work conversations; there’s no better way to understand a way of life than speaking to someone who has lived it.

TNTA Cadet Nurfaezah Ithnin recounts the camaraderie between her crew members from different cultures and backgrounds, and how they celebrated Hari Raya onboard during periods of homesickness when they missed out on family time.

Working, playing, and living with others can build strong and meaningful bonds, as well as open your eyes to perspectives you never would have encountered.

3. You want a dynamic job with a sense of purpose

Around 90% of the world’s trade moves by ship. Everything you do in a maritime career is vitally important to help make sure the rest of the world operates smoothly. Locally, 7% of Singapore’s GDP is contributed by the shipping industry, which has over 170,000 employees and is home to over 130 international shipping groups and more than 5,000 maritime establishments.

On a smaller level, the day-to-day running of the vessel requires important decisions to be made and a meticulous level of attention. Safety checks and regular maintenance can never be compromised or skimped on. After all, an entire ship along with its crew and cargo is at stake. If you’ve always had an eye for detail, this could be the job for you.

4. You want stability and progression in your career

Uncertainties can bear a high price; short term decisions could affect the long run and vice versa. A seafaring career as a Singapore maritime officer offers both stability and progression, along with a competitive pay scheme. Most importantly, once you’ve had your fill of the high seas and want to return to dry land, your experience will prove invaluable in business, legal, finance, and other sectors.

“I enjoyed my years of sailing and gained important insights & skills over the years. Furthermore, while in command of the crew and the vessel with cargo worth millions, I honed my leadership skills. The invaluable knowledge, skills & experience over the years at sea opened up many opportunities and prepared me to make the switch to a shore-based position at the right time in my career. My tenure at sea instilled in me [a] passion for continuous learning – which is very important for any shore-based positions as well. Ultimately, it is very rewarding to stay in the maritime industry and contribute back in a different way and watch this vibrant industry continue to grow with the next generation of seafarers.”

– Captain R. S. Minhas, General Manager at Pacific International Lines

5. You want something different

We’ve all had those familiar conversations with family, friends, and colleagues: unreasonable bosses, demanding clients, difficult co-workers, boring duties, and meaningless jobs. Surely there’s more to a career than this. A maritime career promises something different, for those who want something more out of life.

3rd Officer Muhamad Asyraf initially graduated with a Bio Technology diploma, but a passion for the sea still stirred within him. Eventually he graduated from the Tripartite Nautical Training Award (TNTA) programme, fulfilling his seafaring aspirations. As he puts it, “Before you go to sea, what you expect will be different from what you experience. However, the experience [is] priceless.”

“Before you go to sea, what you expect will be different from what you experience. However, the experience [is] priceless.”

Mr Muhamad Asyraf
3rd Officer, Based in Singapore

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