Tripartite Engineering Training Award

Course Fees & Subsidies

TETA Course $32,970 (excl. GST)
e2i S$26,376 (excl. GST)
SMOU S$3,297 (excl. GST)
Total Payable S$5,604.90 (incl 7% GST)

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TETA Success Stories

Manogaran Harishankaran

“The TETA programme gives me a purpose-driven education and is relevant to what I plan to do for the rest of my life. The immense support from SMOU and WMI is beyond what I can ask for!”

Reza Suhaidi

“TETA is a comprehensive and well-defined programme that prepares me well for my future seafaring career”

Muhammad Haziq Bin Haron

A graduate with Higher Nitec in Nautical Engineering, Haziq has been inspired by his family to pursue seafaring as a career.  His father is a seafarer and his brother, who is currently a Deck [...]



劳资政三方联合设立总值120万元的培训奖,培养海事领域所需的工程师,应对该行业人手不足的问题。首批九名学员昨天在人力部长林瑞生的见证下,正式加入新的劳资政航海机械培训奖(TripartiteEngineering Training Award,简称 TETA)计划。

Training for Marine Engineer

The Tripartite Engineering Training Award (TETA) is a training programme that enables Singaporeans to be trained as CoC (Class 5) Marine Engineers to join the Maritime Industry.

The programme is funded and supported by SMOU, WSG, e2i, SSA and shipping companies.


Engine Room
Watch Keeping

Machinery Maintenance
and Repair

Working with
Multi-National Crew

 Training Allowance (per month) Duration Description
PHASE 1 S$1,200 8 months Pre-Sea Classroom
Training at Wavelink
Maritime Institute
PHASE 2 S$1,200 15 months On Job Training
onboard ship
(sea service)
PHASE 3 S$1,400 8 months Classroom Examination
Preparatory Course at
Wavelink Maritime
Institute & STCW Short
Courses at Singapore
Maritime Academy
Entry Requirement


the entry requirements

Singaporeans with the following criteria are eligible:

  • Graduated from local institutions or ITE Higher Nitec, preferably with the following disciplines:
    • ⋅ Marine Engineering
    • ⋅ Offshore & Marine Engineering Design
    • ⋅ Marine & Offshore Technology
  • Physically and medically fit
  • No night and colour blindness
  • Highly disciplined and motivated
  • Able to commit 31 months of training, with 6 to 9 months onboard vessels
  • Completed National Service (for males only)
Course Fees

TETA Course:

S$32,970 (excl. GST)

(excl GST)

(excl GST)

(incl 7% GST)

Career Progression



Registered candidates will receive sms invitation to a recruitment briefing nearer to the date of  the programme

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