Singapore’s Maritime Industry

Did you know that every 2-3 minutes, a ship arrives or leaves Singapore? That’s roughly 1,000 vessels in our harbour at any one time! Read on for more amazing facts about our top ranked port and [...]

新加坡高级海员联合会拨款120万元 为本地海员提供培训

新加坡高级海员联合会将在接下来两年拨款120万元,鼓励本地海事公司提供更多培训岗位,从而协助本地年轻专才进行相关方面的实践培训。 教育部长(高等教育及技能)王乙康今早受邀参加新加坡高级海员联合会(Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union,简称SMOU)和海联(Wavelink)海事学院举办的新春午宴,在致词时宣布这项消息。 [...]

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